Journey Through Cybersecurity with JWR Identity: Your Path to Data-Centric Security

Transform Your Data Security with our Expert-Managed DSPM Service

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and traditional cybersecurity approaches are no longer enough. In order to protect your data, you need to shift your focus to the ultimate prize: data itself. JWR Identity is at the forefront of this shift, offering Managed Services for Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) that leverages the industry-best, DataGuard from Symmetry Systems.

Expertise Meets Protection:


Our DSPM service goes beyond simply installing, managing, and monitoring DataGuard. Our team of experts also provides in-depth analysis, actionable remediation strategies, and services for Identity Security. We navigate data security complexities across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, ensuring your data is secure wherever it resides.

A Comprehensive Solution to Data Security Challenges:

Our service mitigates eight significant data security risks organizations often encounter. But, it’s our unique combination of special expertise in identity security and industry-leading DSPM that enables us to offer customized, effective solutions for every challenge:

         1. Lack of Data Inventory
         2. Dormant Data Stores
         3. Over-Privileged Data Stores
         4. Dormant Identities
         5. Over-Privileged Identities
         6. Delayed or Incomplete Offboarding
         7. Inadequate Segregation of Duties
         8. Misconfigurations

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“The Eight Most Common Data Security Challenges that DSPM Solves”


The Eight Most Common Data Security Challenges that DSPM Solves


60-90 Day Managed Service for DSPM


JWR Identity: Managed Service Offerings for DSPM

Innovative Security Approach:

Placing data at the heart of your security strategy, our DSPM service, featuring DataGuard, provides comprehensive data security reviews with visual risk reports and remediation strategies. Stay ahead of threats with JWR Identity’s data-centric strategy.

Empower Your Organization:

Ready for a data security makeover? Connect with our team today and start your journey to uncompromised data security with JWR Identity’s Managed DSPM service.

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Welcome to a safer future with JWR Identity, your trusted ally in data-centric security!


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