John Richardson

Founder, CEO

With a twenty-year legacy in identity security, specializing in privileged account management, John has gained worldwide recognition as a thought leader and keynote speaker. As the CEO of JWR Identity, he champions the belief that people are paramount, meeting customers and employees ‘where they are’ to best serve them.

Michael Johnston

Director of Engagements and Services

Michael brings 30 years of IT management experience, excelling in process creation and specializing in Identity and Access Management and Cyber Security. He consistently delivers cost-effective, innovative solutions on schedule and within budget.

Christine Hinkle

Chief of Staff

Christine, an accomplished leader, demonstrates mastery in driving team collaboration and realizing objectives. Leveraging her Master’s in Education and over a decade’s experience, she deftly organizes, and communicates, implementing innovative activity-based plans. Her managerial acumen enhances JWR Identity’s productivity and customer success. Christine’s detail-orientated approach and commitment ensure superior results.

Morgan Reece

Principal Consultant

Morgan brings 20 years of Identity Security expertise, particularly in healthcare. His adept balance of security and business objectives delivers substantial service cost reductions—up to 60%—and enhanced user experiences. A trusted advisor in IAM and Zero Trust Architectures, he engages with healthcare executives and federal agencies. Academically robust—holding CISSP, an MS, MBA, and being a PhD candidate—Morgan ensures security initiatives are business-aligned, optimizing client results.


Vladislav Shapiro

External Consultant

Renowned for his 20+ years of expertise in Identity Governance Administration (IGA) and Identity and Access Management (IAM), this leader has a distinguished reputation in shaping IGA strategies that drive business outcomes. As a recognized speaker and advisor, his proficiency lies in translating complex IAM architectures into clear, strategic plans that enhance client success.


Austin, TX



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