Are you worried about the security of your organization’s sensitive data and critical systems? Privileged Account Security (PAS) is essential to protect your most valuable assets. PAS refers to managing user accounts with elevated permissions, giving them access to sensitive data, critical systems, and other high-value items within an organization – often referred to as “privileged accounts” or “superuser accounts,” which are utilized by system administrators, developers, and other IT personnel for tasks requiring elevated privileges.

Security for privileged accounts is of utmost importance, since they hold the “keys to the kingdom” and grant attackers access to sensitive data, critical systems, and other high-value assets within your organization. Cybercriminals often target privileged accounts as they offer easy access to sensitive data within organizations.

Unprotected privileged accounts pose significant risks and can result in data breaches, malware attacks, insider threats and regulatory violations. Don’t leave your organization vulnerable to these dangers – implement robust privileged account security controls such as Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions today to minimize exposure and safeguard against cyber threats.

JWR Identity offers comprehensive Privileged Account Security solutions to businesses like yours. Our PAM solutions incorporate features like password management, session recording, access control and monitoring to guarantee privileged accounts remain secure and only used for authorized purposes. Our team of experts can assist in designing and implementing customized PAM solutions tailored to fit your organization’s individual requirements.

Organizations across many industries, such as Healthcare, Finance, Telecomm, Retail and Government have reaped the rewards of our PAM solutions. We offer various payment models such as our subscription-based model which allows organizations to scale up or down as needed and only pay for what they use – making it an accessible solution suitable for businesses of any size.

Don’t let your organization become the victim of privileged account abuse. Partner with JWR Identity to implement comprehensive privileged account security controls and safeguard sensitive data, critical systems, and other high-value assets within your organization.


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