Conquer Privileged Account Management with JWR Identity & Senhasegura

Navigating the landscape of Privileged Accounts can be complex. Their ubiquity and continuous expansion make mismanagement a risk not worth taking. Many traditional PAM solutions add to this burden, making deployment and support daunting. But there is a different way – and that way is Senhasegura.

Choose a Market Leader: Senhasegura

PAM customers frequently express dissatisfaction with their providers, but not Senhasegura users. In the 2022 Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer report, Senhasegura emerged as the only PAM solution to achieve a maximum recommendation rate, with an unbeatable score of 5 out of 5. This endorsement reflects the satisfaction and loyalty of its global customer base. As JWR, we endorse Senhasegura as our PAM vendor of choice for these very reasons.

Experience the JWR-Senhasegura Advantage

With Senhasegura’s full-stack platform, experience a swift setup and straightforward maintenance. Our combined expertise allows for rapid deployment and implementation of out-of-the-box features. With us, time to value isn’t measured in weeks or months but days.

Seamless Integration and Clear-cut Pricing

With open connectors, Senhasegura allows for new integrations in under four hours. The absence of surprise charges for additional licensing keeps you in control of your budget. The transparent and reasonable pricing model of Senhasegura prevents project delays due to unanticipated costs.

Our Powerful Partnership: JWR Identity & Senhasegura

We at JWR Identity are not just a service provider; we’re your advocate in the Identity Security market. With roots in the PAM market dating back to its inception and across multiple PAM vendors, we uniquely understand the challenges you face. Our partnership with Senhasegura helps us bring top-tier solutions to meet your specific needs, and our commitment to Total Quality Governance ensures superior results for you.

Innovative and User-friendly

Senhasegura’s user-centric interface, backed by our support, minimizes time spent managing the solution. Their state-of-the-art Cloud Identity and Governance Administration (IGA) functions streamline cloud-based IGA while also cutting costs. And, their compatibility with CI/CD tools provides superior risk insights to enhance DevSecOps execution.


Power of PAM Crypto Appliance

Senhasegura’s PAM Crypto Appliance, designed exclusively for PAM, adds an advanced layer of security and optimizes the performance of your deployments. Irrespective of the number of cluster members, scalability remains seamless and efficient.

Why wait? Request a demo now and let JWR and Senhasegura redefine your Privileged Account Management experience!


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