SenhaSegura helps organizations secure privileged information, promoting access control and confidentiality. As a global Privileged Access Management (PAM) provider, our mission is to combat privilege abuse worldwide and promote digital sovereignty. They track privileged actions across various assets, preventing data theft and protecting the most valuable asset for companies: data.

Symmetry Systems provides a top-tier Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) platform for hybrid cloud environments (Azure, AWS, GCP, and on-premise). DataGuard, acting as a data firewall, offers deep visibility down to object levels to prevent breaches. Many security issues persist due to misplaced focus on protecting storage systems and networks rather than the data itself. Symmetry Systems simplifies large-scale data security, offering solutions to address your real data security challenges.
Performanta provides high-quality cybersecurity services, ensuring our customers can conduct business securely. As an information security firm, they specialize in safeguarding enterprise clients against contemporary security threats. Their risk-based cybersecurity consultancy and managed services lead the way in promoting Cyber Safety